Recap of the Mushroom, Mold and Yeast Feast!


This is almost a year overdue! Here is our menu and what follows are photos from the Mushroom, Mold and Yeast Feast that we hosted in collaboration with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art last November 29, 2012, taken by the incomparable photographer Shawn Linehan. It was a truly magical night. Chef Naoko Tamura’s food … Continue reading

Nov 29: Mushroom, Mold & Yeast Feast

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Please join us for an intimate dinner prepared by Naoko Tamura of Chef Naoko’s Bento Café. We’ll explore and savor wild and cultivated mushrooms prepared with traditional Japanese ingredients that gain their flavors through processes using molds: miso, sake, shoyu, katsuo-bushi, salt koji, and more. This dinner is a unique opportunity to learn from mushroom … Continue reading

Dec 2 – 3: Come see our exhibition


Artist collective Belly & Bones (Stef Choi & Tony Candelaria) is creating an interactive zoetrope sculpture that presents a fungi life cycle, from mycelia to mushroom. This larger-than-life zoetrope (four feet in diameter!) presents a sequence of sculptures that sprout into mushrooms right before your eyes. Alongside the mycelium zoetrope, on December 2 from 2 … Continue reading


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