“Are you really, seriously suggesting that Jesus Christ was a mushroom?”


From an interview of John M. Allegro, author of The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross, found on the absolutely wonderful blog Paddestoelen Paradijs, out of a gallery in Amsterdam that is doing mushroom art projects. You can read Allegro’s writing on the subject in a series of articles for the London Sunday Mirror in 1970 … Continue reading

Fresh Air, full of spores

On the NPR show Fresh Air, Terry Gross recently interviewed mycologist Nicholas Money, who studies mushrooms and mold. His new book, Mushrooms, looks at the history and science of mushrooms around the world, and their inclination to grow just about everywhere (including the back of a man’s throat.) “Every breath that we take — from … Continue reading

Cats crave mushrooms


NPR recently reported on why cats crave mushrooms (January 7, 2012). I didn’t even know that they do! [Source: Feasting in the Skagit Foodshed.] The story sheds light on that very meat-like quality of mushrooms, which are similarly high in protein and glutamate – one of the chemicals responsible for the flavor of umami, which … Continue reading