Nov 29: Mushroom, Mold & Yeast Feast

Please join us for an intimate dinner prepared by Naoko Tamura of Chef Naoko’s Bento Café. We’ll explore and savor wild and cultivated mushrooms prepared with traditional Japanese ingredients that gain their flavors through processes using molds: miso, sake, shoyu, katsuo-bushi, salt koji, and more. This dinner is a unique opportunity to learn from mushroom foragers and farmers, fermenters, and wine makers. Every course will includes wine pairings from R. Stuart & Co. Winery and the last taste will be a special candy cap mushroom ice cream from Salt & Straw.

Why mushrooms, molds and yeasts? All three are fungi! Depending on when you grew up, your textbooks may or may not have acknowledged fungi as a kingdom. In fact, it wasn’t until 1969 that biologist Robert Whittaker first proposed that fungi—both at the macro scale, as mushrooms, and the micro scale, as yeasts and molds—belong to a kingdom separate from plants. Mushrooms, molds and yeasts are among the most powerful flavor creators at the backbone of ancient cuisines. We’ll explore how they do what they do.

When: Thursday . November 29 . 7:30-9:30 pm
Where: Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA)
415 SW 10th Ave, Suite 300, Portland OR 97205 (map)
Capacity: 50
Cost: $84
21+ Only

Thank you to our feast sponsors:
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Organic Valley

[Illustration by Stef Choi on a photo by Carole Topalian. Note: We are sorry to mislead you! Morels, which are the background for the image above, are a spring mushroom, and therefore won’t appear in the feast. What will appear? What does autumn have to offer? Come to the meal to find out!]

7 Responses to “Nov 29: Mushroom, Mold & Yeast Feast”
  1. Mercedes Reeder says:

    Vegetarian, perchance?

  2. eileen says:

    I’m coming with Casey and maybe Cait and Em. I eat fish, not meat. I hope I there are some shrooms I will be able to faste. Yes? Sounds like so much fun.

    • You bet! Sooooo glad you are coming! I think it will be a blast. I will let the chef know that you don’t eat meat. The meal will feature lots of seafood! xoxoxoxo

      • Hi Lola – I am able to attend after all, and of course, it is now SOLD OUT!! Let me know if a spot opens up – would love to attend. You’ve got my email…regards, Anna Stulz…

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