Early trials of the zoetrope

Tony and Stef have been hard at work the past two weeks building trial versions of the zoetrope to test out timing, design, mechanics and more. When Tony and Stef conceived of the zoetrope as a way to show a mushroom life cycle, I remember thinking it was a beautiful pairing of things we rarely see: both what’s happening underground in soil over time, and the magic of animation, as still objects come to life. As Tony says, “we are delving into the geometric roots of animation and nature’s cycle. It all goes hand in hand!”

Here are some drawings, photos and a video of early mock-ups. Be sure not to miss your chance to see the completed zoetrope on Dec. 2 and 3 at The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel.

Stef’s very first drawing to suss out the gist of the mushroom life cycle:

Stef’s zoetrope concept drawing:

Stef and the early clay mock-up:

A version with paper cutouts set into motion to practice the timing with the strobe light. The wonderful Caitlin Ducey and Kyle Thompson are building the motor and helping with design:

Here is that wheel in motion: (Beware: For those who don’t want to hear profanity uttered in excitement, turn off the sound.)

Stay tuned as these get bigger and more insane!

-Lola Milholland

2 Responses to “Early trials of the zoetrope”
  1. todd says:

    dancing shrooms! fantastic ! :))

  2. Wow! Really impressive!! Ever since I got Lola’s update, I’m seeing mushroom EVERYWHERE! Looking forward to seeing the completed project. Good Luck!

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