Introducing Mush Babe!


I designed this character after my dear friend Lola Milholland (director of our Oregon Mushroom Stories project) for her birthday in February. I tried to capture many of the things I adore about Lola: her love of pickles, old Japanese cartoons, playing soccer in a skirt, and her lifelong love of mushrooms. Gary of Container … Continue reading

Doing the Mushwalk


As a contribution to the Oregon Mushroom Stories, artist Corey Lunn made this looped animation of a golden chanterelle speed-walking along!

Histoire naturelle des champignons

Histoire naturelle des champignons comestibles et vénéneux, Paris, Delagrave, 1883

I recently came upon an extensive collection of historical drawings of fungi at the Biodiversity Library. Many of the illustrations come from 19th century French, British and American guidebooks. I got lost exploring them, and before I knew it, an hour had sneaked away. Among my favorites are various collections focused on lichen, those remarkable … Continue reading