The mushroom zoetrope on video!


Here is a first attempt at capturing our zoetrope – How Mushrooms Grow, an Interactive Sculpture, by Belly & Bones – on film. Many thanks to Matty Sidle for filming and Esquivel for the music. Artists Tony Candelaria and Stef Choi designed and built this zoetrope for the Oregon Mushroom Stories project. It premiered at … Continue reading

Mycelia are the nervous system of the forest

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[ width=”620″ height=”400″] [Video from KarmaTube] This video features professor and forester Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia, explaining the way that mycelia connect trees within a forest. Mycelia, which are the underground fungi network that produce mushrooms, transmit signals as well as nutrients from the largest, oldest “mother trees” to the … Continue reading

The Secret Sound of Spores, a musical installation


Mycologists estimate that during its lifetime, a single mushroom will drop as many as 16 billion of its seed-like spores. You can capture these spores on paper if you take a spore print (instructions here), but in nature, the slightest wind carries the spores far and wide. In a breath-taking sound and art installation that … Continue reading

“Are you really, seriously suggesting that Jesus Christ was a mushroom?”


From an interview of John M. Allegro, author of The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross, found on the absolutely wonderful blog Paddestoelen Paradijs, out of a gallery in Amsterdam that is doing mushroom art projects. You can read Allegro’s writing on the subject in a series of articles for the London Sunday Mirror in 1970 … Continue reading